In this project, we used AU versatile shelf brackets for our multimedia-writing nook.

The main advantage of AU versatile shelf brackets for this project is that they can be height adjusted appropriately for system console placement in media and writing nooks. If a nook is intended for writing, the system can be used to form height adjustable desks.

We covered AU-rail with 15 mm thick birch plywood for this project, as the AU profile has the same dimensions. We wanted the wall panel to be aligned with the AU-rail so there is no gap between the shelves and the panel, and used 18 mm, plywood board, for the shelves.

Cladding format: height 1500 mm / width 1050 mm 

Shelf format: 1035 x 280 mm, two 

                       230 x 230 mm, 2-krat

Project material:

1 x Birch Plywood, 18 mm, 1525 x 1525 mm

1 x Birch Plywood, 15 mm, 1525 x 1525 mm

2 x AU-rail 2M, white

4 x bracket AU 25 cm, white

2 x bracket AU 20 cm, white

1 kg of transparent water based varnish

8 x inserts fot knauf M6

1 x grinding disc 240

1 x grinding disc 180

1 x velour roller

1 x roler handle

Project steps:

  1. The plywood board was cut as follows:  

Birch 15 mm (wall panel)

1500 x 850 mm, one

1500 x 100 mm, two

Birch 18 mm (shelves)

1030 x 280 mm, two

 230 x 230 mm, two

The edges were rounded using a CNC machine. (a jigsaw can be used instead)

2. The boards and shelves were ground using a rotation grinding disc of 180 granulation. The edges were hand ground with sandpaper with the same granulation.

3. After grinding, we cleared the pieces of dust, then applied the first, slightly thicker, layer of translucent water-based varnish to fill the wood’s pores.

4. Once the varnish was completely dry, we ground the surfaces again with slightly smoother 240 granulation sandpaper before applying another layer of slightly thinner water-based varnish because this was the final application of varnish.

5. While the varnish was drying, we prepared the AU profiles for assembly. We cut them at the same height as our wall panel (1500 mm) and drilled 4 mm diameter holes for lateral screwing into the panel.

6. Once the varnish was completely dry, we connected the profiles and wall panel using 17 x 3.5 wood screws.

7. This was followed by accurate measurement, wall hole drilling and attachment to walls. Our wall is made from plasterboard (Knauf), so we used Knauf inserts and crimping pliers, as they are most appropriate.

8. Once the inserts were attached to the wall, we attached the wall panel, put on the brackets and attached the shelves.


The AU-system can be used for multimedia nooks, book or pantry shelves, and desks. If you’re planning the latter, the AU system is a convenient solution, especially if you spend a lot of time at the desk. We’ve been increasingly hearing that it’s important to regularly stand up when working at the desk. The AU system enables this because it can be used to make height-adjustable desks. You know what they say, “sitting is the new smoking”, so take care of your health and stand up regularly; in this way you’ll also increase your concentration when working or studying. Ensure adult and child health by facilitating appropriate desk work practice.

You can see a video of the entire procedure on our YouTube channel.

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