Hardware for Sliding Doors

Sliding door guides have been part of furniture hardware for many years. They are a practical solution for closing closets and rooms.
There are no revolutionary changes in the sliding door systems, except that soft closing has been added to the wheel sets. This contributes to greater comfort when closing.
Guides for sliding doors are divided into closet or wardrobe hardware and hardware for rooms.
In our offer, we are more focused on wardrobe sliding doors, where you will find a completely simple and affordable Mini system, and a slightly less simple EURO+ system.
Most of the systems have a load capacity of up to 40 kg.
In addition to guides and wheels, the offer also includes handles for sliding doors. In addition to aesthetics and function, these also ensure that the door does not twist. We can say that they have a balancing function. They make sure that the door remains rigid. These are required for systems where the wheels are underneath.