Panty do skříněk

Hinges for cabinets are part of almost every piece of furniture in your home.

They may differ from each other in offset; overlay, semi-overlay or inset. Overlay cabinet door hinges are the most common. These doors are held in a position so that the door covers the side of the cabinet completely. The semi-overlay hinges have so much offset that the door only covers half the thickness of the side. With these, two doors can be attached to one side. In the case of inset cabinet hinges, however, the door is inside the element and does not overlap the sides.

In our offer, you will also find some special hinges. The 165-degree level hinges for the cabinets move completely away from the element when the door is opened. We use these in case we want to install a drawer or a pull-out shelf in the element. In this case, the door would be in the way of the guides, so with these hinges, the door is completely removed.

45-degree hinges are usually used for corner elements and glass door hinges are suitable for display cases, etc.

However, hinges for cabinets with soft closing proved to be the most desirable. These already have a built-in absorber, which ensures that the door does not hit the side when closed when it is released uncontrollably.

If your hinges are still flawless but you would still like a soft closure, you can solve this with an additional soft close absorber.